Foundation’s activities

Perhaps each of us can do only a small part, but collectively our efforts are beginning to make a difference. There is so much more to do, and we must do it now!”

Mstislav Rostropovich


The Mstislav Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation ”Support for the Children of Lithuania” was established on April 12th, 2003 by Maestro’s personal initiative.

Building on this initiative the Foundation supports children gifted for music, science and sports.

The majority of supported children reached their dreams to come true.  Our young musicians performed on the greatest scenes of the world with worldwide known orchestras and were acknowledged to be among the best. Our gifted children participated in worldwide known Sleswig-Holstein Festival, the opening evening of Lithuania’s EU presidency in Louvre’s Auditorium and number of other occasions.

The Foundation “Support for the Children of Lithuania” helps the children with rare and hardly curable diseases.  The Foundation donates necessary equipment, pharmaceuticals to the Santariškės Children Hospital. However, the Foundation does not provide the financial support for individual operations.

The Foundation became one of establishers of the public institution “National Student Academy” (“Nacionalinė moksleivių akademija“) in 2006.

Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich from the very beginning was the Foundation’s President. He attended concerts and taught talented children. Since 2007 the President of the Foundation became M.Rostropovich daughter Mrs.Jelena Rostropovich.

Maestro Mstistav Rostropovich was engaged in charitable activities for 25 years and donated the majority of his concerts revenues. At the current moment the Foundation’s activity is supported by different Lithuanian enterprises and personal contributions.